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Cleverly Crafted Drinks

Premium teas. Quality ingredients. Organic when we can. No fructose. No artificial sweeteners. Vegan options. Low and no added sugar options.

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Our Story

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to tea, and that can feel overwhelming and intimidating to a new tea drinker, or even a regular tea drinker. So many choices!

Our mission was to simplify the experience by creating a menu of fun, high-quality, less-sweet, delicious tea drinks, with an unexpected twist. No knowledge of tea is required.

To test our concept we started small. Spring 2018 our Jinx Tea truck hit the road selling iced teas, bubble teas, and cocktail flavor-inspired tea drinks. The positive response exceeded our expectations, and soon we were daydreaming of expanding upon our vision. (Hot beverages too!)

Spring 2019 we are excited to be opening our first brick and mortar location at 4503 France Ave S, in Minneapolis.


Our Drinks

From the familiar to exotic, there’s something for everyone. Jinx Tea features Cleverly Crafted tea-based drinks made with quality ingredients and less sugar, without compromising the taste. It’s still a treat, with a lot less of the sweet.

Our menu features iced teas, bubble teas, nitro-infused teas, carbonated teas, hot tea drinks, and tea cocktails (no alcohol, of course!).

Our Ingredients

We take great care and consideration in sourcing ingredients, especially our tea. Our tea is sourced with integrity from sustainable small family farms and cooperatives in China. Other products come from reputable vendors that meet our standards and align with our values. We buy organic and local when we can. Always, quality.



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