Our Story

We developed the concept of Jinx Tea in 2017 as tea lovers we were troubled with the lack of quality tea based beverages in the Twin Cities. There was access to high quality loose leaf teas, and a growing interest in unique tea-based beverages, but everything available either used low quality tea, had excessive sugar and unnatural ingredients, or was simply boring. We started dreaming up beverages using the great teas we loved with real and fresh ingredients. We were soon on our food truck spreading our drinks across the Twin Cities. Reception was so good, that we are ready for a permanent home. In Spring 2019 we are excited to be opening at 4503 France Ave S, in Minneapolis.


Our Drinks

We use the best tea and quality ingredients to provide a tea experience that is unique and approachable.  Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur, or think you don’t like tea, we have something you can enjoy.  Our iced tea served out of a nitro tap will provide pure tea flavor, with effervescence which allows you to experience aspects of the tea you have never tasted before.  Our milk bubble teas are creamy, sweet(ish), and have fun flavors that make them perfect for all ages. Our hot drinks and tea cocktails (no alcohol) are cleverly crafted using ingredients like ginger or lavender to compliment the teas perfectly.  Or if you just want a great cup of hot or iced tea, we have that too.

Our Ingredients

We take great care and consideration in sourcing our ingredients, especially our tea. Our primary partner is Minneapolis based Verdant Tea, who have strong relationships with several small family farms in China.  With their direct relationships with these farms, they ensure the teas are cultivated not just to ensure quality, but economic and environmental stability for the local communities. Most of our produce is sourced from the co-op right next door and is organic whenever possible.